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Grow a team to grow your business to grow your life


There's lots of experiences in life where we wish we had been given a manual.

Children, Marriage, Career, Entrepreneurship - wouldn't it be great if there were a manual for it all?

I have been running my Agency successfully without a "blip" for 17 years and I've written the manual for Agency owners so they can enjoy the same. 

Once you've signed your first ten clients (and serviced them well) you have validated your offering and you're ready to start bringing in new team members to handle more and more clients.

Ready to build a thriving Agency? Let's do this!


I used to be an accountant (so yes I love the numbers!) then I became a mother - something I had wanted to be passionately for a long time. I knew I wanted to be at home to enjoy this time so that's what I did - but, you know what, my brain was a bit bored! I realised I needed something I could do at home and fit it around Sam. Jigsaw Web Design Ltd was my first Agency - I built it 17 years ago.

In 2015 I added another arm to the agency and called it Totally Fabulous. I then began to scale my business from 3 team members to 14 in 2022, buy the house of our dreams, and enable my 48 year old husband to retire from his overly stressful career.

Looking back this year, I realised that I built my agency using some pretty unique methods and attitudes and techniques (in other words not luck) and these together resulted in 100% staff retention with everyone working in their joy which led to our beautiful stress-free growth.....and so Architect Your Joy was born. My methodologies in a nutshell for other Agency owners to emulate.

Over the 17 years I have developed my ethos “architect your joy”. The premise being that when everyone works in their joy, they over deliver and this is where success for both your clients and your agency derives.  Live is good when you architect your joy.

My methods will help your Agency thrive beautifully.

When you intentionally architect joy into your life everything flows.

With my one-on-one or group coaching, you will align your agency and your team's core values.




This is available as a one-to-one dynamic or in a group coaching environment with my ingenious solutions and strategies to help you create the agency of your dreams - not your nightmares!

When you understand the initial premise of Architecting Your Joy this will not only impact all aspects of your agency relationships and dynamics, it will organically start to affect your personal life and aspirations.

I will teach you how to:

  • Create a team that works in their joy
  • Attract clients who are not heavy and who value and appreciate your services
  • Create a long-term strategy of scaling that results in robust resilience
  • Create an environment that encourages creativity and passion both in and out of work

This work will revolutionise your business practices and with that comes peace of mind alongside the true satisfaction of building a thriving agency. 


The Visionary. Hint: This is YOU! Your role is vital to your agency's present and future - enjoy this role by hiring the perfect Integrator to complement you and enact your vision.


The Integrator. This role sits between you and your team. They shouldn't have "doing" tasks. They are organisers, project managers, implementers. They make your vision a reality. This person is GOLD. They are your SECOND. Your RIGHT-HAND person.


The Team. An Integrator needs the right team to implement your Vision. Your Agency's core values must also be the values of your team - this creates true synergy and a team dynamic where everyone thrives because they are working in their joy. People working in their joy deliver high standards of work - they go above and beyond - your clients deserve to be served by people who are working in their joy.


The Financials. Embrace them - Understand them - Love them. Knowledge of the numbers gives you true power. This translates into true resilience because planning for each ten year business cycle will protect your Agency through any weather.


The Downtime. Set the parameters of your working week, month, year. Agree with the team so everyone values having the proper amount of time needed to pursue their passions and interests outside of work. Work is not and should not be everything. When you architect your joy you soon see that that means inside and outside of the Agency.


The Systems. Bringing together all that you have learned so far in AYJ enables you to truly prepare to Scale your Agency healthily. We will explore the systems and processes you need to have in place so you can scale beautifully without falling over.

Read what Amy has to say
about working in Jodee's Totally Fabulous agency:

"Working with TotesFab means you get to experience a really fresh way of working. There is so much flexibility and Jodee empowers us to manage our own time in order to support that flexibility. As long as we are able to get the work done, we are able to choose our own hours. Some weeks, you may feel you just need a day off to rest and recharge; provided meetings are accounted for and you are able to find another day in the week to work extra and make up the hours, we are able to manage our own timetables entirely. We regularly finish early when all the work is done, which feels like a nice reward for our hard work.

Amy Flemming - Agency Team Member since Dec 2019

Before I started working here, Jodee and the team decided to start working at 10am as they realised they didn’t like getting up early. Personally I am much more productive in the morning, so I discussed this with Jodee and she immediately suggested I work hours that are more suitable to me. I now get to work early in the mornings and finish earlier at 4:30pm, giving me plenty of time in the evenings to spend time with my family and friends - something that is very important to me.

I started in the team working on social media. Over time, I was involved in supporting website design and building and I realised this was something I really enjoyed. Jodee recognised that web building was where I was in my joy and gave me the opportunity to develop my skills further by making it a more integral part of my role. As we grew the team, I was able to hand over tasks in my job that I found I wasn’t enjoying anymore.

Whenever I have to prioritise personal stuff, Jodee never minds. As long as I make up my hours and get my work done, I feel completely free to deal with doctors appointments, important phone calls, or family requirements. In previous roles, there hasn’t been any understanding that sometimes your personal life does take priority in that moment, but Jodee respects us as individuals as well as team members. That’s part of what makes this team feel like a family.

Jodee is also really supportive of our dreams and aspirations. Our team is able to pursue any goals whether they are directly related to this work or not. I was able to work for Jodee around my degree and when I decided to change career direction, she did everything she could to support me. I love that Jodee is a cheerleader for everybody and no matter what our goals are, Jodee wants to give us all the support and good energy to get us there.

Workplaces are under pressure to support their staff’s well being, and Architect Your Joy is the solution."


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:


£800 p/m

Includes Team Coaching as you grow

  • Work on the modules in parallel
  • Weekly one hour zoom calls with Jodee
  • Zoom calls with each member of the team
  • Architect Your Joy workbooks
  • Complete accountability
  • Membership to the AYJ community
  • Live phone, text, and video support


£500 p/m

Group Calls & Community

  • Immediate access to all 6 modules
  • Access to fortnightly group coaching calls
  • Go at your own pace and be supported
  • Architect Your Joy workbook
  • Membership to the AYJ community
  • Live text support



upgrade to have more support

  • Immediate access to all 6 modules
  • Architect Your Joy Workbook
  • Upgrade to add community access available
  • Upgrade to add 1hr zoom calls with Jodee as needed